Venice Travel Guide

Saturday, November 17th 2018

Venice Travel Guide

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This city has my heart, literally. It could be for its canals and because it is one of the most romantic cities in the word. I didn’t want to stop enjoying every little corner of this magical city. Definitely one of my favorites.

No matter how often you’ve seen Venice in photos and films, the real thing is more dreamlike than you could imagine. Getting lost in the narrow alleyways is a quintessential part of exploring Venice with his beautiful canals and streets.

What to see and do

Don’t forget, getting lost in Venice is the best thing you can possibly do there. Going on a free Tour could be a good way to know his amazing history.

St. Mark’s Basilica,in my opinion one of the most beautiful churches. It’s located in Piazza San Marco, next to the bell tower of St. Mark’s Basilica, right in front of the church and the top offers great views.

Accademia Gallery, impressive to see.

Riding a Gondola, this doesn’t have to be on your must-do list (especially if you’re on a tight budget), but for many it defines a trip to Venice. It should be 80 euros for 30 minutes.

Rialto Market, next to the beautiful Rialto bridge, which was the first one built across the Grand Canal. You will find good fruits and vegetables!

Chorus Pass Churches and Scuola Grande di San Rocco are a must if you have enought time.

Santa Maria dei Miracoli, by far one of the cutest churches I have ever seen. Also known as the Marmol church.

Where To Stay

Best option would be to stay at an AirBnB, average range goes from 65 to 120$.

You can also check on TripAdvisor for different offers and compare them.

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Where to eat

Being vegan in Italy is usually  easy but you end having pizza without cheese or pasta. Finding local places in Venice wasn’t very easy, as many of the restaurants are very expensive or don’t have vegan options (and sometimes they will refuse to make them).

But at the end with the help of Happy Cow we found really good places.


Bar spritz, we found this little cafeteria with vegan options. They serve vegan croissants, paninis, sandwiches and coffee. It was a bit expensive, soya capuccino 3€ and paninis are 5€.

Bottega del Caffè Dersut, what’s better than starting your day with a good coffee? I had a big soya capuccino with lot of foam for just 1,50€.  They don’t have vegan croissants.


RossoPomodoro, Several vegetarian and vegan options, pizzas can be made without cheese or changing ingredients. I had the marinara pizza with extra mushrooms. One of the best pizzas I’ve ever had, we liked them so much that every time we visit an italian city we try to find the same restaurant.

Zucca, in a cute little corner next to a tiny bridge. I had one of the best pasta with tomato sauce! My boyfriend had pumpkin lasagna, is not vegan but it’s vegetarian and looked so good too. It’s been recommened by the Michelin Guide.

Frulala, they make smoothies and juices for a good price. It’s located in one of the main squares.

Gam Gam, kosher restaurant where they serve meat, vegan options available. Offers vegetarian food including falafels, hummus, artichoke hearts, eggplant, peppers, chickpeas, cucumber salad.

Dal Moro’s Fresh Pasta To Go, no seating inside. Has a couple vegan choices, including a fusilli with pomodoro sauce.


Gelatoteca Suso, only have one called vegan ice cream and dark chocolate. But it was really good and you can also get a chocolate cone. But expensive.

Gelateria Grom, they make their ice cream with high quality raw materials. Flavors change depending on the season. Winter vegan ice cream: Chocolate, lemon, pear, mandarin, apple, caqui (khaki) and grapefruit. Caqui and pear were my favorite!