Smoothie In Bamboo Bowls

Monday, August 12th 2019

Smoothie In Bamboo Bowls

6 months ago foodguide

Hello everyone!

As many of you asked me about our pineapple bamboo bowls and the recipe, I decided to create a blog post and explain it all!

This recipe is very easy to make and it's perfect for summer hot days! We recommend using bamboo or coconut bowls instead of plastic, trying to reduce our plastic use.


- 2 or 3 frozen bananas

- 1 cup of frozen blueberries

- 1/2 cup of frozen raspberries

- 1/2 cup of strawberries, can be frozen ones too.

- Fruit or granola to decorate it as you like!

- 1/2 cup of veggie milk, I used soya milk.


1. I like to start my smoothies preparing the fruit I want to put on top first. If you do it after the smoothie will melt and won't be that pretty!

I topped mine with some strawberries, blackberries, granola & banana.

2. To make the little cute stars I use cookie cutters that you can find on Amazon or Aliexpress. Just make sure they have a small size.

3. Once everything is ready, start adding all the fruit if your blender is powerful enough.

If it is not, you can add the frozen banana little by little and the milk, helping yourself with the blender spoon. Then add the rest of the frozen fruit

Once everything is mixed together you will need to blend it for one minute till you get a soft smoothie texture.

4. Serve the smoothie into your bowls.

This is my favorite part, decorating the smoothie bowl! Get creative and enjoy it.

We got this set of Pineapple Bamboo bowls in the Ubud Market in one the bamboo shops in the main street.

Let me know if you try this recipe!