Sevilla Travel Guide

Wednesday, March 13th 2019

Sevilla Travel Guide

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After spending some days in the colorful city of Sevilla we are ready to share our Travel Guide.

As soon as you arrive to the city you will find busy streets filled with with orange trees, tapas bars and flamenco shows. A mix of different architectural influences from the Romans, Christians and Muslims. Best time to visit the city is Spring and Autumn in order to avoid the cold winters and hot summers.

(You will find a bullring where they kill poor animals everyday, I am Spanish and we do not support this middle-age tradition that should have ended long time ago, but it is quiet popular in Sevilla. Please do not visit a bull ring, it is cruel and you will be supporting the death of innocent animals. It is not a fun experience)

How to get from the Airport to the City Center

We took a flight to Sevilla as it is the easiest way to get there and you can find them for a very good price. It is a very small airport, as soon as you arrive and go outside you will find a bus stop (every 15-20 min), it costs 4€ each trip and takes around 20-30 min. You can also grab a taxi which should be around 25€ (Remember to ask before you get in)

If you want to rent a car, you will also find some options inside the airport.

Where to stay

We decided to book an Airbnb that was right in the middle of the city, we usually prefer them as we can cook at home, save some money and spend some days in traditional houses (You may find the from 40-70€/night) You can also find hotels on Booking, they are a little bit more expensive than Airbnbs (70-120€/night). If you prefer cheaper options, Hostels may be a good idea.

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What to see

Plaza de España

We had seen many photos of this place but we didn't think it would be so beautiful in person. It is impressive from a distance, and when you get closer you can see that everything from the benches to the balconies is covered in intricately painted blue and yellow. It was built in the 1920s for the Ibero-American Exposition World’s Fair.

The square opens at 8 am and closes at 10pm in winter and at midnight in summer. If you want to have the whole square for yourself make sure to be there at 8 am. We were alone for more than an hour, but even with people the place is huge and feels like you are alone. I'd recommend you to spend a few hours to see everything and walk around the park. You can also rent a little boat for their lake.

Metropol Parasol 'The Mushrooms'

It was built in 2005, they host concerts and events in the terrace. Underneath you will find a little market, a bar, an archaeological museum and the entrance to visit the Mushrooms from above and get an incredible view of the city. It costs only 3€, so it is usually pretty busy, make sure to arrive early to have it for yourselves, or prepare to wait an hour buy your ticket.

Visit the Cathedral of Sevilla

The third largest church in the world, it was built in the 15th century to demonstrate the city’s wealth. It was originally part of a mosque which was built by the muslims. It is very similar to the Koutoubia Mosque in Marrakech.

If you ever get lost in Sevilla, try to find the tower so you always know where you are!

Real Alcazar

The cathedral might be Seville’s most visible landmark, it has a mix of Moorish, Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque style and it is beautiful. The royal family still use the upper floors when they’re in town, and it’s also been a location for Game of Thrones. If you want to go inside, buy the tickets online so you don't miss it and avoid the long queues. (Around 12€).

Explore the streets of Triana and Santa Cruz

They are the most famous neighborhoods in the city, you can go at night for a drink or to watch a flamenco show, you will love it!

Casa de Pilatos

Probably one of my favorite places of Sevilla, although it was more expensive than we thought, as you need to pay to see everything in the city.. Price goes from 8 to 12€. It is a roman and greek palace with a little garden in the middle.

Art Museum of Sevilla

We went here on our last evening and it was amazing, it is a palace from the 17th century, you will find Greco and Velazquez artworks.

Other places to visit are the San Telmo Palace, Salvador Church, the Palace of Lebrija, Las Dueñas Palace, the Hospital de los Venerables museum.

We really recommend going on a free tour in every city you visit. They will take you to the main places of Sevilla and explain everything to you, always in a fun way! At the end, you are the one that decides how much you want to pay, so it is affordable to anyone.

Vegan Food in Sevilla

It wasn't easy to find vegan options but we managed to find some places.

Our favorite was Milkaway, in fact, we went there every day for an açaí bowl. They also have sandwiches, juices and salads. It was delicious!

For lunch we went to El Enano Verde, it is a vegan restaurant where they have a daily menu for 8€ and it was delicious, we loved it! If you are in town make sure to try it!

If you fancy some vegan pizza go to La Mia Tana, they have a vegan cheese and meat pizza that was delicious, and only for 9,5€!

For breakfast, we went every day to a bakery and order tomato toast, coffee and orange juice for 3€.

Other vegan friendly places are Habanita, which is a cuban place with vegan options. Fargo, it is an organic cafe next to Habanita. Veganitissen is a vegan shop where you can find burgers and other ready meals. La Bartola is a vegan friendly restaurant where they serve typical Spanish tapas.

You can find more vegan options in HappyCow.

Hope you liked our Sevilla Travel Guide, if you have any question or would like to know a little more about it, let us know!