Munduk Day Trip

Monday, August 5th 2019

Munduk Day Trip

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On our trip to Bali we decided we had to visit North of Bali even if it was just for one day. Here you will find our exact route for that day. We decided to hire a driver to take us there and paid around 40$ for 10 hours and picked us up around 5.30am to be the first ones to get there, you can also rent a bike for around 5$ a day. It will take you 2.5-3h to get here.

1. Visit some waterfalls

The main waterfalls located in this area are Munduk and Banyumala twin waterfall. They are very close to each other.

Tip: Visit Banyuamal first as it tends to get crowded. Remember to bring your swimwear and jump in!

Tip: Munduk waterfall is not very big and it's not possible to swim. It's usually empty if you arrive in the morning. Go to the little cafe next to it and enjoy the views.

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2. Visit famous doors at Handara Resort

This one was our first stop, we wanted to avoid the crowds as this one may be the busiest place in Munduk! If you want to be alone arrive before 8.30am!

It is an amazing door to the entrance to a golf & resort in the area, just next to a busy road, very easy to find.

3. Ulun Danu Beratan Temple

We arrived after the gates, which it's only a 10 minutes ride. We were the first ones to enter into the temple. It costs around 3-4euros per person and you need to wear a sarong or a long dress/skirt.

It is not very big, but it is totally worth visiting. The views at the lake with the temple are amazing and perfect for a photo. You can also rent a boat and spend some time in the lake.

4. Viewpoint over Twin Lake

Our driver took us to a viewpoint just next to the road just before Banyuamala waterfall. It's an improvised lookout to both lakes, actually impressive. If you like hiking they also organize a trekking experience around the jungle through the lakes.

5. Munduk swing

Located just 15 min Ulun Danu Temple near the lookout. There are lots of swings that you will see on the road looking to the lake but this one is probably the most famous one. The swing is called Wanagiri swing.

We decided not to enter as we found it overpriced (almost 10euros) for 3-4 swings.

6. Coffee plantation

On the way back our driver took us to a coffee and spices plantation to see all the process. We didn't plan it or thought about it but we loved it!

Just make sure to visit and ecological and cruelty free plantation where they don't keep animals in cages.

After the tour and visiting all the plantation we had a coffee and tea testing and for my surprise every cup was made with soya milk!

How to get around Munduk

We didn't feel confident enough to ride a bike so we decided to book a private driver for 10hours, if you are interested we booked it with Bali Honest Driver They were very nice and explained lots of fun facts on the way!

It usually takes around 2.5-3.5h to get here depending on the traffic.

How's weather in this area

The weather can be slightly different compared to other parts of Bali. It's usually more humid and tends to rain at midday. In the shades can even be a bit cold, which we loved after spending our days in the south at 38 degrees!

Bring comfortable shoes, cash for a quick bite or drink and to pay the entrance fees. We also brought an umbrella for the rain and used it a lot!

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Hope you liked our guides to North Of Bali. Let us know what you think in the comments.