Cinque Terre Itinerary

Sunday, July 21st 2019

Cinque Terre Itinerary

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Early this year we visited for a second time one of my favorite places in the world. A place that looks like a fairytale, so beautiful and colorful.

They are called Cinque Terre, meaning the land of the five villages. Located 3.5h from Milan by train or 1.5h from Genova.

What To Do In Cinque Terre

I'm sure I'm not the only one dreaming about visiting this place. With this guide you will find everything you need to plan your weekend getaway.


Riomaggiore is the first stop if you come from La Spezia, the main city. We decided to stay in this little cute village to be able to visit every spot. If you prefer you can stay in la Spezia for 30-45$ and only takes 5 min to get here.

This one was probably one of my favorite, it is very colorful and full of life. One of the biggest one with so many hidden streets to get lost. Although remember to bring comfortable shoes as there will be lots of stairs.

The most iconic view is the one located in the harbor, you will find as soon as you leave the train tunnel, just need to go downstairs.

Tip: If you stay in Cinqueterre or la Spezia, stay for dinner as you will have the whole place for yourselves and restaurants may offer some discounts as it's very quiet.


Another beautiful place in Cinqueterre, I like to call it the pink village. All the buildings have been painted with different soft colors and they are perfect for photos. It's quite big and feels less busy compared to the others.

Tip: Have dinner or lunch at Nessun Dorma terrace. Best time would be before sunset. Remember to ask for a table looking to the pretty houses.


On the third stop you will find this village. If you don't have enough time to see them all I would skip this one. It is nice, but not very special compared to the others. You will need to walk for 30 min before you reach it, as it is on the top of a mountain.

Tip: You can visit Cinque Terre in one day, each ticket costs 4€ and you can buy a day ticket for 15€.


Known for its harbor and little beach. You will find many cafes and terraces to relax or enjoy a good meal. There's hiking trail that leads to a viewpoint for a panoramic view over the city. Although you will need to pay 8€ per person to get there (The price for accessing the hiking route). It was raining and we didn't think it would be worth it to pay 16€ just to see the lookout.

Tip: Train is the best way to access the village, cars are usually not allowed at most of the locations.


Monterosso is the last stop and the biggest. It is a big village with colorful streets to walk around. It is a good place to stay and spend your mornings by the beach where you will find sun beds in high season.

Photo by Ohh Couture

Tip: In Italy if you order a coffee at the bar table you will only pay 1€ for it.

How To Get Here

Best way to come here is by train. We came from Milan and took us 3.5h, you can also come from Gevona or Florence. You will need to go to La Spezia first and then take the regional trains to each village.

By car car be an option but you will not be able to park in the little villages. It may be better to park it at La Spezia and grab the train.

There is a boat that will take you to each village for approx. 18

Where To Stay

Most affordable option would be to come for a day trip or spend 2-3 days at La Spezia where you will find accommodation for 40-65€.

If you want to sleep in the villages, Riomaggiore and Monterosso may be the best locations. Be aware hotels and AirBnBs are booked 4-5 months in advanced and can be difficult to find an affordable stay. You can compare the prices in TripAdvisor

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