Best Vegan Cafes in Bali

Tuesday, May 7th 2019

Best Vegan Cafes in Bali

9 months ago foodguide

After spending a whole month in Bali, I'm ready to share my favorite vegan restaurants in the island. If you are vegetarian/vegan, Bali is the perfect place for you, as I like to call it, Vegan paradise. Not only there are many vegan and veggie friendly restaurants, but also you will be able to find vegan options in the most remote areas of the island.


It is one of the most famous healthy vegan restaurants in Canggu. We ordered the vegan salad, cauliflower wings, gado gado rolls and the portobello burger.

Sister of Kynd Cafe, located between Canggu and Seminyak. It is a non profit and vegan cafe where they donate all the money to 3 organizations that you can choose after paying. If you come in the evening that will be less hot, you can sit outside at the rainbow wall!

They serve healthy and nutritious food looking to the rice fields, we didn't have the chance to try it this time but they say it is one of the best vegan cafes in the area.

The Loft is a veggie cafe with many vegan friendly options. It is a bit pricy compared to the others, but it's still cheap. The Açaí bowls are one of the best in Bali served with fruit and granola on top and a cute gold spoon. The avocado toast is good but it should be bigger for the price. The veggie breaky was my favorite, it was made with scramble tofu, different veggies, two sauces and bread. For dinner I tried the vegan carbonara made with jackfruit.

One of my favorite places, especially if you go for breakfast or lunch. Make sure to try the pancakes!

We grabbed our bowl and brought it to the beach as it is very close. It is a very little shop where they only sell the smoothie bowls to take away.

Everyone knows Peloton Cafe, it is famous all over instagram. It was very good, but still expensive compared to the other vegan cafes in Bali.

Other vegan friendly cafes in Canggu that we couldn't try this time are Oma Jamu, Green Garden Cafe, the Avocado Factory and In the Raw Bali. Be aware that some of them are listed as vegetarian or vegan but they may serve meat as well..


It is a raw vegan restaurant located in the main street. They only use organic and vegan ingredients and everything is raw. Our favorites were the soul bowl and the sushi bowl along with the huge green smoothies.

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As we always say, one city, one açaí bowl! I knew that if I was in Ubud I had to try this place at least once. You can eat your açaí in a pineapple bowl in their little swing.

Earth Cafe was my favorite in Bali, everything was delicious and very affordable. You can also go to watch movies at night. I had for lunch the protein bites that were really tasty and the burger. As I liked it so much I came back the next day for breakfast and had the porridge and the wrap pancakes with coconut ice cream and fruit, my favorite!

It is next to Adiwana Jembawan in the city center. We loved the laidback ambience of the open-air dining room, they had plenty of vegan options when we went. I had the vegan sushi bowl.

Lumbung is located inside Desa Visesa Hotel, as we were staying there we decided to go for lunch, as they have a whole vegan menu. We were very surprised by their tasty flavors, especially the coconut soup that was served inside its coconut and the jackfruit curry. If you want to feel like a queen for a day and don't spend too much money this is your place. If you come here make sure to go for a walk around the hotel and its rice fields.

Other cafes on our list were KAFE, Ayo vegan, Sage, the Alchemy, PriMa warung vegetarian.


I think Kynd was by far my favorite restaurant in Bali. I loved the pink walls and the food presentation. We went for brunch and ordered the waffles (Incredible!), toasts, soul bowl, smoothie and the coconut. It was totally worth it! I'd come back every day if I could. They also have an ice cream shop next door.

Perfect place for a smoothie bowl or a quick bite.

Who doesn't like vegan ice cream? You'll want them after walking all day under the sun!

Other restaurants are Strawberry fields (Mostly smoothies and toasts as they serve meat), Sea Circus (They have some vegan options), Bali bowls & smoothies


We only spent two days in Nusa Penida and had lunch in local restaurants on our way to the cliffs and beaches. Therefor Vegan Soul Kitchen is the only place we could try this time. They have delicious vegan options, but the service was really slow and had to wait almost an hour for our food. Make sure to come early as you may need to queue too.

Other places in the island that have vegan options are Penida Espresso, The Gallery Nusa Penida, Green Garden Restaurant and Penida Kitchen. I'd recommend checking the places online before going there and make sure they will be enough vegan options.


It is the same restaurant as the one in Canggu but bigger. Everything is really good and was our favorite place in Uluwatu, as we had some problems to find vegan food for a reasonable price.

Smoothie bowls near the loft. They don't serve food.

Food was good but they didn't have enough vegan options and it was a bit expensive compared to other restaurants in Bali.

Same as Bukit Cafe, I had the vegan burger but they just had other 2-3 vegan options and it was a bit expensive.

Other restaurants that are vegan friendly are Lands End Cafe, Buddha Soul, Giridhari vegetarian, Mango Tree Cafe and Ayus Food from the heart.