Barcelona Travel Guide

Wednesday, July 3rd 2019

Barcelona Travel Guide

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Barcelona is the perfect trip for a weekend getaway, it is a big city where you can do many fun things! 3 full days should be enough to see the most important highlights of the city. These are some of these things

1 Arc De Triomf

We stayed near the Arc and decided to start our morning walk here before the crowds appear. It is located near El Born where you will find many cafes, vintage shops and art galleries. If you walk till the end you will find a big park called La Ciudadela, perfect for families and for a picnic day!

Probably the most iconic building in the city. It has been under construction for quite a long time and may finish by 2026. We came here after the Arc as its only 15 min walking from each other.

If you want to enter it will cost you around 25€, it's recommended to buy your tickets months in advance to avoid long queues and make sure you have your ticket.

Get my dress for 18€ here

Get my bag here

Tip: There's a little park behind it where you will be alone for photos

3 Beach Area

La Barceloneta is one of the oldest beaches in the city and was remodeled for the olympic games in 1992. It looks similar to Dubai's beach as you will find a big W hotel at the end of the beach.

Located in El Born, it is a colorful building you can visit for 15€ per person. It is recommended to buy your tickets in advanced and go early in the morning as it gets busy too.

Photo by Diana

5 La boqueria & Las Ramblas

Las Ramblas is a long street where you will find all the main shops and restaurants. If you keep walking down you will find the beach.

La Boqueria is a traditional market famous among tourists. We like to visit it in the mornings to buy some olives and fresh fruit.

Tip: Avoid the first spots as they tend to be the more expensive ones.

This UNESCO World Heritage Site was designed by Antoni Gaudí as a big number of buildings in Barcelona.

It is a very unique park where you can take very creative photos. Although since a few years ago you need to pay 8.5€ to visit half of it (Which we find quite expensive) and the other half is free. If you want to visit both pars, you will have to book it online as it tends to be booked weeks in advanced.

Before 8am and after 10 pm it is free to visit both parts.

It is the main cathedral in the city, located in the neighborhood El Gotic. Surrounded by a big square with many cafes to enjoy the view.

On the left there's another less known food market you can visit and go shopping.

Also built by Gaudí, It is a little bit far from the center and you will need to take bus 24 and get out at Casa Batllo. You will be near Casa Mila (La Pedrera) and Casa Batllo. Visiting both can be quite expensive as it costs 25€ per house.

Museums in Barcelona are free on Sundays from 3-7 pm. We were interested on their history and wanted to learn a bit more, so we decided to visit this museum where you will find everything you need to know, including ruins under the city!

Montjuic is the little mountain you can see from the city, you can either go walking or take a bus. We went up walking to enjoy the view and walk around the beautiful parks you find along the way. But we took the bus on the way down as it's a long way!

You can visit the Castle for 7€, it has a beautiful panoramic view of Barcelona.

Maybe it is not the most famous cathedral of Barcelona but it is very pretty. It is located in el Born near a square with cafes and tapas restaurants. If you like reading there's a book that I love called The Cathedral Of The Sea and it's about the people that built this place.

Tip: Try El Mosquito it's next to the church and they serve Japanese tapas, very famous among locals.

12 Bunker Of Barcelona

Panoramic views of the city from the Spanish Civil War bunkers. Perfect for a morning hike after breakfast to enjoy a beautiful view.

Where To Eat In Barcelona

Barcelona is a big city and you can find anything you want! Here are some of the restaurants we've tried in the city rated on price.

Non vegan restaurant where they serve fancy healthy food. It is always busy and have to make a reservation. Prices are around 13-18€

It a very cute little cafe to take away as they only have two small tables. It reminded me of Bali Cafes, worth try it!

We had the vegan nachos, the burrito and the banana muffin, both excellent! Prices around 5-8€

3 Cat Bar

This Rock&Roll vegan bar is very popular among locals. They mainly serve burgers and craft beers. They also have a meal of the day, usually soups or tacos. Prices 7-10€.

4 Brunch & Cake €€

Bali inspired cafe where they serve very colorful and creative meals. They only had 2-3 vegan options. Prices go from 8-15€

Every time we come to Barcelona we visit this cafe, our favorite is the açaí bowl, the same as in Bali!

They also have vegan pates, burgers and buddha bowls.

6 Lulu

Vegan friendly cafe near the beach, the salad bowls are very tasty, although the service is always extremely slow.

Where To Stay

Best way is to stay at an Airbnb as you can cook at home and save some money, for around 50-80€

You can also compare prices and hotels at TripAdvisor

How To Get Around

Barcelona is a big city, if you want to visit it all, we recommend buying a 10 trip ticket for the metro for around 10€ instead of paying 2.5€ for each trip.

If you divide your trip in areas you can perfectly walk around.

From the Airport just need to get one metro line that will cost you 5€.