Altea, The Santorini Of Spain

Altea, The Santorini Of Spain


Altea is one of my favorite places in Spain, it reminds me of Greece so much. It is a small village located north of Alicante and Benidorm.

Altea is a special place, as my dad's side of the family grew up here and they spent many summers here.

The town is divided into a new and old neighborhood. The new area is like every other city, and the more picturesque part of the town is the Old Town, located on top of the hill.

Best Time To Visit

Altea is a perfect village to visit all year. Probably best time would March to November, and avoid weekends in July & August as it will be full of people.

I usually prefer to go during the summer as you can explore some beaches nearby or even their mean beach.

Did you know when they were building the old town they brought every little stone from the beach to make the main streets?

How To get here?

Best way to get here would be by car from Alicante (45km), Benidorm (18km) or even Valencia (130km)

If you don't have a car you can also come by tram from Alicante or Benidorm, it will take around 1.30h.

The old town is just stunning. On top of the hill there's the church and the main square with all the cafes and restaurants. Theres's an impressive lookout near the square where you can see all Altea and the beach area.

The main street has so many boho shops where you can find maxi dresses for your next vacations.

After enjoying your time in the old town head down following the white houses where you will find the port and Altea's mean beach. Perfect place for a coffee or to relax in the water!

Where To Eat

Altea is not very vegan friendly. Although there is a famous Indian restaurant in the main street and some Italian restaurants where you can find pizza and pastas.

Try to avoid the main square for lunch as the price is very high and the quality is not very good.