A Day In Villajoyosa, Spain

Thursday, August 29th 2019

A Day In Villajoyosa, Spain

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Villajoyosa is located in the Costa Blanca of Spain, 36 km from Alicante.

We decided to go for a day trip and discover its beautiful beaches and the colorful streets that reminded us of Cinque Terre.

Here is everything you need to know before visiting this little cute village.


There are two possible ways. The easiest one is by car, which only takes 35 minutes from Alicante Center depending if you take de AP-7 or N-332.  

If you don't have a car the best option is by Tram that takes 45 minutes, and you will need to stop either in Paradise beach or Villajoyosa (This one if you are going to the old town)


There are two beautiful beaches next to each other.

Bol Nou Beach

On the right to paradise beach, separated by a big rock which is an incredible viewpoint!

It located only 5-10 min before the old town and you will find big signs that will take you here, you can use google maps to make sure you get here.

Bol Nou has the clearest water in the area and many sea animals live here. We arrived at 8.45 am and we were the only ones for at least another 40 minutes, even it was a Sunday in July! Very popular among locals as it tends to be very quiet and it's all white sand!

If you are the first one to get in the water be aware that there are big fishes that will approach you and usually bite you, but don't be scared! They bit us like 5 times and nothing happened!

Tip: Bring some hard bread to feed the fishes and they will all be around you!

Paradise Beach

Probably the biggest beach in the area, the sand is darker at the shore and crystal clear water. There are many beach bars where you can relax and enjoy a smoothie or a coffee!

Villajoyosa Beach

Main beach right in front of the colorful houses in the old town. Usually the busiest too as it's the most popular one. I would recommend visiting the others first as the water is clearer and prettier.

Although the beach walk is very nice, full of life!

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Once you have enjoyed the blue water and white sand, head to the old town. We went right after lunch around 3.30 pm so everybody will be napping or at home. The village is not very big and can see it all in less than an hour.

You can start in the park where there is a little river with some ducks and enter the little streets into the old town.

Tip: My favorite streets its located just behind the main restaurants. All baby blue, dreamy!

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If you can avoid the busiest time of the year you may have the beaches for yourself!

Best time to visit Villajoyosa Are March to June and September as it is still warm but not busy at all!


Best option would be to stay in Alicante, as it is a big city and there are so many things to see. You can find some hotels in TripAdvisor