10 Flower Baths in Bali

Sunday, October 6th 2019

10 Flower Baths in Bali

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If you are planning a trip to Bali you may want to include a flower bath or flower pool into your itinerary! We had a few when we were there and loved them!

There are so many places where you can arrange one, from spas, a bath in your room to your private pool. Here are some of my favorites.

Probably the most famous flower bath in Bali, it is located 10 min from Ubud. The Udaya is a resort but you can also book your bath through their Spa. We enjoyed a flower scrub followed by the flower bath. Amazing! They cost around 20$ for two people.

Also located in Ubud, you will love their famous red petals bath.

Karsa is located 15 min walk from the center, I may recommend getting there by taxi and come back walking along the rice fields as you will feel so relaxed after a massage and a flower bath. Price goes from 7-12$

Tip: Remember to book in advance as they are usually fully booked.

We stayed at Adiwana Arya which is located only 5-10 min from Ubud center. Each room has a shower and a big bath where you can organize your own private flower bath and enjoy it as long as you want. For us it was one of the best baths!

Tip: Remember to book one day in advance. If you are not staying in their hotel you can also go to their spa and enjoy the facilities.

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You may have recognized this place on instagram. Five Elements is a luxury eco-friendly spa located outside Ubud. It is probably more expensive than the others, it would cost you approx. 80-120$ a full experience in the spa.

Photo by Tara

Tip: You can enjoy a flower bath with a river view, how cool is this?

Wapa Di Ume is a famous resort known for its flower baths looking to the jungle.

It costs around 140$ a night, some packages include spa and dinning experiences.

Photo by Steph

6. Calma Ubud

Big round flower baths where you can choose the colors. Enjoy a massage followed by one of these baths!

Price per night starts at 90/110$, you can just book your spa experience for around 20$.

Photo by Marta

Luxury resort where you will find a big stone bath in your terrace next to your private pool. You can arrange a rose bath the day before.

Prices per night start at 200/320$ depending on high season.

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Every guest is welcomed with some local flowers to enjoy a bath and decorate it as you want! How cool is this?

Tip: Need to book at least 6-9 months in advanced, as it is a very popular airbnb! They cost around 150$ a night.

Photo by Maya

Villa Cella Bella goes to the next level organizing you a whole flower pool, it can be organize for birthdays, proposals or just to enjoy a very big flower bath on your private pool!

Rates start at 127$ a night.

Photo by Ricardo

Kamandalu also organizes flower pools starting at 240$ depending on the size of your private pool.

Hope you this article helps you organize a lovely flower bath/pool experience. Let me know which one you try!

Andrea xx